The Basic Sizes of Self-Storage Units and Their Prices

Sometimes a person will realize that they have more things than they need. His house is too small to accommodate all of his possessions. Renting a main street mini storage is a better solution than throwing away valuable items that he doesn’t need right now.

You should consider renting storage for your items if you are familiar with this situation. Self-storage facilities will rent you a place to store items that you don’t have a home for. How much space do you require? You can find out the size of storage units you need by renting them from self-storage facilities.

5’X5′ (25 sq. 5’X5′ (25 sq. The unit is about the size of a standard closet. This unit can be used to store personal items such as small furniture, records of business, toys or clothes for summer and winter. This unit will cost between $100 and $150 per month.

5’X10′ (50 sq. This unit is about the size of a walk-in wardrobe. This unit can be used to store a few drawers, steel filing cabinets, or furniture such as beds, couches, tables and chairs. This is a great place to keep your bicycles and garden equipment during the winter. Basic price per month is $200.

5’X15′ (75 sq. The mini-storage Vancouver businesses rent is the size of a 1-bedroom apartment. The unit can hold a vehicle up to ten regular file cabinets, as well as major appliances and large boxes. Basic price per month is about $300.

10’X10′ (100 sq. The 10’X10′ (100 sq. This unit can accommodate anything that can be fit into those two rooms. You can expect to spend more than $400 per month for a unit of this size.